Own a Small Business?

Provide Services or Consultancy?

Need more Leads, Enquiries and Sales?

Then spend a dedicated day with us getting your unique expertise ‘out of your head’, written down, shaped and crafted into compelling marketing content.

Leaving you with more time to get on with your business while your newly created lead generation products do the heavy lifting.

This interactive, full-day workshop will enable you to:

  • Gain new income streams for your business
  • Share your unique knowledge and expertise with the people who need it (and are willing to pay for it)
  • Show people how your business will solve their specific problems – and eliminate time wasters
  • Reach many more people who need your help
  • Build a database of ‘warm leads’ that you can nurture into paying customers
  • Allow people to know, like and trust you – so they’ll have confidence to buy from you

Do you recognise this problem?

Hi, I’m Simon Gregory, Creative Director of Clear & Creative Communications, and I spend most of my business life solving marketing problems for established small business owners. During my one-to-one clinics, the most common challenge people face is a lack of quality enquiries and sales.

They tell me that they have great success converting sales once they’re in front of the right kind of potential client, but struggle to get that all-important first meeting.

A quick look at their website and marketing materials usually tells me why. While I’m often impressed by their knowledge, expertise and authority in person, most fail to get that across in their marketing communications.

As I go on to explain the benefits of creating simple, effective lead generation content, two reactions tend to happen.

The first is a dawning revelation as they begin to see the possibilities.

Yes, I know it’s simple. I know it’s not a new idea.
And right now you might be thinking, ‘Oh come on, Simon – I know all about that stuff’.

Well, that’s the second reaction! 

So my next question to them (and to you) is…

Have you done it yet?

Because although you know you need lead-generating material – actually writing and creating it is the big stumbling block for most people.

I was the same…

A few years ago, I knew I needed lead generation products to help people to buy my expertise. I’d even invested in ‘how-to’ courses by well-known marketing gurus – but I still didn’t get around to writing or recording anything.

Simon Gregory, Managing Director, Clear & Creative Communications

Here are some of the excuses I made:

  • I didn’t really believe that what I knew was valuable to people.
    (It was – and so is the stuff YOU know)
  • I do lots of things: I couldn’t decide which area to focus on
  • I wasn’t sure how much (or how little) to say
  • I couldn’t decide on the right format
  • I was scared that my competitors would steal my ‘secret sauce’
  • I thought I had to get it perfect
  • I didn’t have a structure or a focus

The net result was… I just never got started.

In the end, (as is so often the case!) it was my wife Julie who forced the issue. In fact, Julie created the Brand Clarity System – a simple two-step process (a free download product and a paid-for one-to-one session in a clinic) that we use today.

In the last year alone, this simple system has:

  • Attracted hundreds of new leads
  • Generated £7175 in income for sessions that I used to give away
  • Converted at 44% to our higher-priced services, resulting in new business worth £140,000

And what’s more:

  • I’ve saved hundreds of hours on fruitless meetings and proposals for people that were never really serious about buying from me anyway
  • I hardly ever need to travel to see prospective customers
  • Although we offer a money back guarantee, nobody has ever claimed it

I only wish we’d done it years earlier – I regret how much money and time I wasted by putting it off.

Since then we’ve created similar lead generation systems with many of our clients – with equally impressive results, but more of that later.

Can you do it too? Yes you can!

But it’s much, much easier if you do it with others, guided and supported by experts. Julie will facilitate your content creation in very small but focused coaching groups (she insists on a maximum of six small business owners on the course). I’ll be on hand too, providing examples and expertise throughout the day.

Get the idea?

This is a workshop with the emphasis on work. Julie’s courses are the antithesis of passive learning. So when you book, make sure you’re ready to roll your sleeves up.

With only five other business owners, it goes without saying that you’ll get to know each other’s businesses very well (good, you’ve spotted the opportunities there then…). We also make sure there’s no direct competitor in your group. That just wouldn’t be fair.

In this supportive environment, you’ll enjoy close attention and time to share those aspects of your business that you find tricky to articulate. We’ll all work hard to nail those for you.   

Here’s what you can expect to achieve on the day:

  • Gain insight into your perfect customer’s motivations to buy from you – and get it all written down
  • Realise how you overcome your customers’ problems and fears – and get it all written down
  • Identify the best angles for your compelling messages – benefiting from the wisdom of the whole group – and get it all written down
  • Structure your content with compelling headings and subheadings – and write them down
  • Identify the best media and formats for your messages and markets
  • Produce a short video that introduces you to your audiences

Why should you listen to Julie?

Julie Gregory co-founded Clear & Creative in 1995. Completing an MBA in 2003, she was invited back to guest lecture in entrepreneurship and marketing on small business courses.

She found it rewarding, and set up Clear & Creative People, designing innovative entrepreneurship courses. That involved creating learning communities of expert and aspiring entrepreneurs, as an effective way of teaching in higher education.

Since 2005 Julie and her team have worked with many Universities in the UK, Europe and the USA.

An accredited practitioner, Julie adopts a Solutions Focus approach to education and coaching. She has recently completed a doctorate researching providers of Wealth Creation Education in the private sector.

She also helps a lot of small businesses with their marketing and sales copywriting. They say nice things about her.

Dr Julie Gregory

So far so good. How much will this cost?

This course directly gives you the potential to create more time and more money. Delivered in a small focused group, you may be surprised to learn it’s only £197 +VAT including lunch and plenty of hot brews. Why? Because while we believe we can solve a genuine problem for small business owners, it’s a new course. It needs to be tested and tweaked to make it more effective. Once we’ve done that the price will rise.

When and where?

2nd July (1 place left)
24th September
29th October
26th November

All courses take place on Saturday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Aspire Oxford, St. Thomas School, Osney Lane, Oxford OX1 1NP

The venue has plenty of free parking, and is only 5 minutes walk from Oxford Railway Station. Aspire are a cool charity, and we support their work. Find out more here.

How do I book?

We’re committed to making sure there’s no direct competitor on your course so we need to ask you a few questions before confirming your booking. We want to make sure this is the right course for you. We don’t want to waste your time or money. Just click the button below and we’ll get straight back to you.

But act quickly – there are only six places on each day, and they fill up fast.

Yes please Simon – Count me in!

Here’s what people have said about previous courses:

“They challenged the way I thought about my business and the services I was offering. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I left the workshop with lots of ideas and a different view of my business. Thank you very much Clear & Creative for your time and expertise.”
Amanda Calder, AJ HR Solutions

“A value-packed day that really helps you get clarity on your brand. Not only do you benefit from the wealth of experience and ideas from Julie and Simon, but also get valuable insight from the group. Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommended. ”
Linda Flanigan, Linda Flanigan Hypnotherapy

“They thoroughly understand the concept of a brand and break it down into easy steps for the small business owner to grasp and utilise. The team is highly engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about the whole area of branding and its impact on the business. We have definitely taken positive steps in building our brand through this session. Highly recommended!”
Graham Carson,  Inca Accounting

Here’s what people have said about the Brand Clarity System:

“Just doing the exercises in your workbook has given us new insights into our business – we can’t wait to get to our clinic.”
Shrila Amin, Simply Honest Curry

“It was really powerful to take time away from the business to run through your unique and fabulous process.”
Greg Heath, Rye Hill Golf Club

“I’ve been involved in corporate rebrands with big agencies, but nobody’s ever gone this deep. Incredible value”
Darren Field, New Driveway Company

“After 2 hours with you I now have a much clearer idea of what we actually do, and I’ve been in this business this for 10 years!”
Lachlan Mellings, Result

Yes please Simon – Count me in!